Shepherd by night – Reuben

Skant left of Reuben and it’s a relief

A fishbone of picked ribs and the horned Luciferan skull


I feel the guilt of not doing everything

Everything I could for him if

Had time not been pressing

And school


My other lives had not shouted their rich demands


Perhaps, I think I should have wormed him when he looked poor,

But then he picked up


But then he died. One fading evening alone


He hadn’t long been dead when

Eyes flattening

I found him

And dragged him

Still sighing away his life


Out of the way


There he rested

Night after passing night

No carrion finding him


After night


Lying as if in life

Fuelling my guilt


Seemingly breathing as his gasses burst decaying organs

Squatting at his head I spoke to his unconvincingly dead

Of sorrow

When finally the crows picked his arse and eyes

What a relief



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