Late for School

“So how can you tell if you are asleep or not if there’s only you and it’s late at night in your own bedroom and you ought to be asleep.”
“You have to pinch yourself, that’s what they do in books.”
“But how can you be sure your not just pinching yourself in the dream.”
“Pinch harder…”

Patrick stopped. He could no longer walk and think at the same time.
His satchel, on a long leash in his hand, lay face down in the dust. Simon, his school-friend, walked on a little way then turned back.

“Well I did pinch myself, I’ve even got a bruise. See.” He raised the cuff of his blue school jumper.
Reluctantly Simon walked back and examined the mark on Patrick’s arm.
“That doesn’t prove anything.”

“There was an alien in my room last night!’ insisted Patrick.

“We’ll be late for school!” warned Simon.

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